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I Can Improve #11


I got to sleep late last night (what’s unusual about that?) and so this morning I was a bit foggy, but needed to get daughter to her babysitting job.

Once I dropped her off, I took Sis some of the soup I made last night. If anyone can appreciate fresh, homemade goods, it’s her! I was disappointed to find that my beef had toughened up because I’d gotten interrupted in the cooking process. :/ I cannot ever just let a client call go to voicemail, though. I am too aware of everything they’re dealing with and I don’t ever want to be the cause of additional stress.

Despite the short hours, I did manage to stay awake all day and work on various projects (yay!). No nap means I’ll go to bed as soon as I’ve completed the work I need to do tonight, and then I’ve got lunch plans tomorrow. Yay again! So, it’s been a great day overall, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday, as well!

I Can Improve #11: I will train myself to be in bed by 10 and ready to sleep by 11. Training starts in a week!


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I Can Improve #8

First day back to school for the kidlets, after an unexpected day off due to inclement weather yesterday. We enjoyed bundling up in blankets and hanging out for an extra day. 🙂

Today felt crazy busy all day. I made a curry for lunch (green curry, chicken, veggies – yum!), and little man was very insistent on the things he wanted to do all day. He’s going to be a mover and shaker, that’s for sure.  He’s so smart and determined!

I can Improve #8: I really need to experiment with making more meals I crave. My curry isn’t as good as the Thai Curry I get back at my fav place in Crestview, but it’s on par with the couple of places I’ve found locally that do green curry. And I love to cook. COOK MORE GOOD RECIPES! Quit falling back on your comfort zone cooking!


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I Can Improve #1

New month, new focus for positive thinking. January will be about things I can do better. Some may overlap or repeat, depending on my day.


Today I made New Year’s Day soup: kale (leafy greens for folding money), black eyed pea (legumes for coin money), & potato soup. I seasoned it with garlic & onion & a ham hock. And served it with corn bread (gold). A not-so-traditional southern-style meal. I think it turned out fabulously, and daughter even said (reluctantly), “So I will admit, this is really good.”


Things I can improve, day #1:
I need to have more confidence in my recipe ideas. Once upon a time, I would have ignored the urge to make this meal and would have just eaten black eyed peas by myself.

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Three Happy Thoughts #20

Last day of school before winter break, last day of midterms, and first full day of family visit.

1) We enjoyed family time.
2) Started work on the house–getting projects done that I am not comfortable doing on my own.
3) Made Nacho’s smash cake using this recipe. Was delicious! We forgot to buy concentrated spoke juice, so I used apple juice and apple sauce for the icing (along w/cream cheese), and it turned out great. I just added a little of each and whipped with a fork until it was add thinned and creamy as I wanted.

Busy few days ahead!

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Three Happy Thoughts #18

Had a great day but suddenly felt awful all evening. Managed to get some errands run, but accomplished nothing at home. 😦


1) I figured out how to make my antenna work so I can watch a few stations live. Watching Buble’s Christmas special as I write this.
2) Finished another book (The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion) and returned two, on time, to the library.
3) Made daughter happy with turkey butternut squash chili for dinner.

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Three Happy Thoughts #16

Mondays are no longer my enemy, since III love my jobs so much!

1) I made a delicious creamy butternut squash roasted poblano soup, Mexi-style rice with a bit of butternut squash, and crisped up some of my frozen Carnitas from last week. My lunches this week are going to rock! The perfect bite above.
2) Received fantastic feedback from a client.
3) Found out I am closer to trying to expand my business than expected!

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Three Happy Thoughts #11

So, today was full. Have I mentioned I love reading? I do. I LOVE it!


1) I remembered to take pictures of my guacamole in the shell habit.
2) Most of my holiday cards are made out and stamped. I bought 60. It wasn’t enough!
3) I lost 2 hours to reading and daydreaming, unintentionally. I planned to read for ten minutes while I are my (very late) dinner. I read, dreamed about what it would be like to just go on a road trip (life be damned), and read some more. Yay! (Tomorrow will be a busy day, as a consequence!)

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