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Three Happy Thoughts #31

A day of reflection, celebration, and anticipation. Many folks think too much emphasis is put into “fresh starts” in the new year. However, I think any fresh start is a good one, so carry on folks! Resolute your way into happiness if it works for you.


I wish goodness and happiness, healthfulness and helpfulness, gratitude and positive attitudes for you all. Lend a hand, show compassion, love passionately, and create a wonderful life for yourself and those around you.

Happy New Year family, friends, and strangers. May you all achieve personal greatness!

1) A day spent with my best girl, hanging out, running errands, and accidentally napping.
2) Big smiles, squeals of excitement, and cuddles from my Nephew.
3) A celebration with new friends, ringing in the new year.

Life is good, y’all. Give what you want to get, and make the world a better place. xoxo


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Three Happy Thoughts #30

Home again home again, jiggety jig. Man is it cold up here! Damn I miss the Florida warmth (but not so much the humidity)!


1) Feels good to be home.
2) Relaxing after a busy weekend feels fantastic.
3) Presents from my sweet friend Kristine.

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Three Happy Thoughts #29

Last day enjoying vacation. 🙂 Downtown Disney, then driving home.

1) Still so grateful for time with family I don’t see often.
2) Love seeing my daughter sparkle with joy.
3) For some reason, I love when my sister texts me just to check in & see how things are going. Missing her & her boys!

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Three Happy Thoughts #28


Daughter is out and about in Magic Kingdom, and I am hanging out in Fort Wilderness with my daddy. We drove around a bit in the golf cart, poked around the shoppes, watched a movie, and both took unintentional cat naps. *grins*

1) Uninterrupted time with Dad? Priceless. A rarity, too. We had a great conversation and caught up on some things.
2) Hugs from my niece. And, she is slowly warming up to me. 😉 Next time maybe she will remember me.
3) Both my brothers made it, so it’s awesome being able to see them, even if just for a few moments. My nephews arrived in time to say hi before they headed to the park, so hopefully I will get a little time with them later.

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Three Happy Thoughts #27

Longest drive to Orlando, ever! Jeez. Bottleneck construction and cars overheating and breaking down left and right (not mine). The drive made me a bit agitated but I settled down with food in my stomach and hugs from loved ones.


1) We are going to Disney World! (By we I mean my daughter. Am not going into the park this time, but her grandparents bought her ticket.)
2) FAMILY TIME! Getting to see dad, (step) mom, (step) sister, brothers, SIL, niece, nephews, step grands, and various other family is just what we wanted to wrap up our Christmas.
3) A lovely evening strolling through downtown Disney.

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Three Happy Thoughts #26

A day of relax and unwind.

1) Woke feeling refreshed
2) Fertilized the lawn (winterized)
3) Accomplished much for work


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Three Happy Thoughts #25

A beautiful day.

1) Watching daughter open her extra special gifts, managed at last minute, was fun.
2) Spending a whole day with family, no ugliness involved, was incredible and reminded me why I choose to LOVE them and like them. We are given our family, but still must make these choices in life!
3) Five minute cat naps are surprisingly refreshing!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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