I Can Improve #8

First day back to school for the kidlets, after an unexpected day off due to inclement weather yesterday. We enjoyed bundling up in blankets and hanging out for an extra day. 🙂

Today felt crazy busy all day. I made a curry for lunch (green curry, chicken, veggies – yum!), and little man was very insistent on the things he wanted to do all day. He’s going to be a mover and shaker, that’s for sure.  He’s so smart and determined!

I can Improve #8: I really need to experiment with making more meals I crave. My curry isn’t as good as the Thai Curry I get back at my fav place in Crestview, but it’s on par with the couple of places I’ve found locally that do green curry. And I love to cook. COOK MORE GOOD RECIPES! Quit falling back on your comfort zone cooking!


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Filed under #365 Days of Positive Thinking, Family, Food

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