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Three Happy Thoughts #29

Last day enjoying vacation. 🙂 Downtown Disney, then driving home.

1) Still so grateful for time with family I don’t see often.
2) Love seeing my daughter sparkle with joy.
3) For some reason, I love when my sister texts me just to check in & see how things are going. Missing her & her boys!


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Three Happy Thoughts #27

Longest drive to Orlando, ever! Jeez. Bottleneck construction and cars overheating and breaking down left and right (not mine). The drive made me a bit agitated but I settled down with food in my stomach and hugs from loved ones.


1) We are going to Disney World! (By we I mean my daughter. Am not going into the park this time, but her grandparents bought her ticket.)
2) FAMILY TIME! Getting to see dad, (step) mom, (step) sister, brothers, SIL, niece, nephews, step grands, and various other family is just what we wanted to wrap up our Christmas.
3) A lovely evening strolling through downtown Disney.

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Thankfulness #26

I am thankful for my daughter’s family, because no matter how much time goes by between visits and phone calls, they always make her feel loved and welcome.  They do not ever make me feel awkward when I speak with them, which is something many of my friends feel in relation to their current-or-ex-in-laws. 

I love knowing if she misses them I can tell her to pick up the phone and call, and she will be reminded of all the reasons she loves them.

We are all busy in our day-to-day lives, so we don’t always think to reach out.  It is nice knowing that when we do, it is welcomed by them too.

This week daughter is across the country, on a long-overdue visit, and loving every second of it.  There never seems to be enough time, but hopefully she will get to see everyone and get reacquainted with each if them.

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Thankfulness #20

Day 20: I am thankful for the opportunity to travel.


Yes, it is business related. Yes we will be inside working. But my clients have us all set up in a sweet hotel, travel is taken care of, I get to see a new-to-me area of Cali (Napa Valley), I will see new faces, eat at a couple of new places, and spend one night in one of my favorite cities (San Francisco).

Plus I will meet the folks I have been working with for the last year and a half, AND I finally get to meet up with my friend Jennifer. Good times to come!

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