I Can Improve #11


I got to sleep late last night (what’s unusual about that?) and so this morning I was a bit foggy, but needed to get daughter to her babysitting job.

Once I dropped her off, I took Sis some of the soup I made last night. If anyone can appreciate fresh, homemade goods, it’s her! I was disappointed to find that my beef had toughened up because I’d gotten interrupted in the cooking process. :/ I cannot ever just let a client call go to voicemail, though. I am too aware of everything they’re dealing with and I don’t ever want to be the cause of additional stress.

Despite the short hours, I did manage to stay awake all day and work on various projects (yay!). No nap means I’ll go to bed as soon as I’ve completed the work I need to do tonight, and then I’ve got lunch plans tomorrow. Yay again! So, it’s been a great day overall, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday, as well!

I Can Improve #11: I will train myself to be in bed by 10 and ready to sleep by 11. Training starts in a week!

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