Thankfulness #6

Day 6: I am thankful for opportunity.

Not any one opportunity in particular, but the fact that there ARE opportunities available to me. There are opportunities to live in beautiful places, to remove people who are dragging me down from my every day life, to increase my client database, to read my favorite books numerous times, to love, to nourish, to support, to help, to accept help, to open my eyes to a better life, to laugh, to discover new (to me) ideas/places/things, to try new experiences, to meet people …

Opportunity is something most of us don’t think about often enough, I think. Life IS an opportunity. It is an opportunity to create your own existence, designed by you and for you. You can choose to accept the path you’re on as your life’s path, or you can choose to change it.

Earlier this year, I chose change. Partially for myself, partially for my daughter, and partially for my family. I wanted to do something I had not been given the opportunity to do for family previously, but that I had done for friends. And I’ve loved every minute of it – even when I’m tired, cranky, or stressed out. I had an opportunity, and I took it. I have had much help, for which I am very grateful. I like to believe I have also given help, for which I am ALSO grateful.

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