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Thankfulness #30

Day 30: I am thankful this lovely creature is making her way home today.

I don’t mind her being away, and I don’t typically miss her as long as she is having fun. But I love her more than life itself, and much prefer her to be home! Excited to see her (late) tonight!!


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Thankfulness #28

Day 28: I am thankful for the many people in my life who have brought me some sort of joy, happiness, or love.  Some are family, some are friends, and others are acquaintances brought together by mutual adoration of folks we know. 

Today I ate a delicious meal, surrounded by wonderful people, and enjoyed much conversation a d laughter.  My BIL’s family kindly invited me to join all of them & welcomed me into the fold. We cuddled Nacho, snuggled baby Brett, and swapped stories about various interests. 

I was able to call my parents & talk to my grandfather, chat with my daughter as she joined her California family, and touch base with many friends and family.  Some folks dear to me are struggling with loss while trying to enjoy the spirit of the day, others are struggling to enjoy what they know will be one of the last holidays with their loved ones. Still others feel lost and alone today. Reach out to those you know are struggling. Don’t fear them dampening your spirits–choose to lighten theirs. 

Today has been a lovely day, and I hope for many more like it.

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Thankfulness #27

Day 27: I am thankful for all of the beauty around me.

I have spent this quiet week without my daughter catching up on work. I intended to read A LOT and haven’t picked up my books once (and 2 of them are due tomorrow – yikes!). I did go out for a drive, though, since I needed to go mail some documents for a client anyway. The crisp fall leaves, the brightness of everything that’s still green against the cold and the sharp blueness of our skies. Everything was brighter, bolder, more clear today.

I do not like the cold weather, but I am enjoying the reminder of why I prefer hot summers and mild winters! Plus, I always crave newness in some way or another, and this 30-something degree weather is newness for me. I’m apprehensive of what the rest of the winter will bring, but I am looking forward to experiencing every minute of it!

I noticed some ice on the roads when I drove to the shipping center, but I am hoping the real ice and snow hold off for a long while. Or, at the very least until Sunday sometime, since my baby girl flies home Saturday!

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Thankfulness #25

Day 25: I am thankful for the time to be able to step back, take a breath, sleep for a full 8 hours, and rejuvenate myself.  Life has been a whirlwind since last week, between travel and working and meetings and more travel, to surprising my daughter with her own trip & getting her packed and in her flight. Last night I came home after dinner with my (local) sister & tried to work, but kept losing focus and eventually just fell asleep, sitting up in my chair.  I woke, tried to work again, and fell back to sleep.  I woke again, just moved to bed and slept til I NEEDED to get up this morning.  I was refreshed and focused and managed to get a lot of work done.  Yay!

My sister helped me get my car to the shop today, so now I anxiously await word on how bad the news is…I really lo e driving the car, and especially love that it was my grandparents’ car. 

So to take my mind off worries, I am focused on the positive: I still feel rested and able to get some more work completed!

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Thankfulness #26

I am thankful for my daughter’s family, because no matter how much time goes by between visits and phone calls, they always make her feel loved and welcome.  They do not ever make me feel awkward when I speak with them, which is something many of my friends feel in relation to their current-or-ex-in-laws. 

I love knowing if she misses them I can tell her to pick up the phone and call, and she will be reminded of all the reasons she loves them.

We are all busy in our day-to-day lives, so we don’t always think to reach out.  It is nice knowing that when we do, it is welcomed by them too.

This week daughter is across the country, on a long-overdue visit, and loving every second of it.  There never seems to be enough time, but hopefully she will get to see everyone and get reacquainted with each if them.

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Thankfulness #24

Day 24: I am thankful to be home and to have some time with daughter before she jets off to see her family (it’s been 2 years!).

One of the first things I discussed with my exhusband before we leaped into marriage was not wanting to bring children into our relationship for a few years, because I didn’t want my children to be products of divorces.  Then, we immediately conceived despite birth control. There goes life, teaching lessons! I was excited regardless of the timing, and disappointed when not long after my daughter was born I realized he wasn’t ready for the responsibility. 

Luckily, my former in-laws are amazing and have always welcomed my daughter into their lives no matter what, and have not EVER pressured me about visits or time.  So while her visits are not as frequent as any of us would like, they are filled with love. I am going to miss her this week, so much, but I am excited she has this opportunity.

And I am thankful we had a dew previous hours to spend between my business trip and her surprise Thanksgiving (to her) trip!

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Thankfulness #23

Day 23: I am thankful for family, and the love and support they provide.

I have been fortunate in my life to have a huge family: four parents growing up (and now a fifth) that all loved and supported me in different ways, plus five siblings growing up (seven now) who were ready-made friends, playmates, and sources of entertainment. Numerous aunts and uncles, dozens of cousins, and the most wonderful grandparents in the world. 

I am lucky to have all of them, and I love learning more about them as we get older and find new ways to communicate.  And I am so pleased my daughter has similar family traits in her life, as well.

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