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I Can Improve #4

An entire week without stress or worry and filled with relaxation!


I was asked if I am looking forward to being back in routine after the holiday break. My answer was no, because I enjoyed the time to read and relax. And that is true – I read an entire book in one day the other day. That’s amazing to me – it rarely happens!

I realized, though, I am looking forward to being back in routine – but I think I see it differently than others do. I enjoyed every moment of my holiday break. I enjoyed being lazy, of working on projects at home, of traveling, seeing family and a couple of friends, of having pajama days and tossed-together meals.

But I also enjoy my routine – it’s filled with my nephew, daughter, sister, and brother in law. It’s filled with the work I love to do. And it’s filled with communication with my friends and family afar. I did very little (for me) communicating via social media, and much has happened in my time away. I look forward to catching up and seeing all the wonderful things that have transpired in the last 3 weeks!

I Can Improve #4:
Find a way to balance the in-the-moment with the social media, because MY social media accounts are filled with personal friends and family, not just the friends I met online.


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Thankfulness #28

Day 28: I am thankful for the many people in my life who have brought me some sort of joy, happiness, or love.  Some are family, some are friends, and others are acquaintances brought together by mutual adoration of folks we know. 

Today I ate a delicious meal, surrounded by wonderful people, and enjoyed much conversation a d laughter.  My BIL’s family kindly invited me to join all of them & welcomed me into the fold. We cuddled Nacho, snuggled baby Brett, and swapped stories about various interests. 

I was able to call my parents & talk to my grandfather, chat with my daughter as she joined her California family, and touch base with many friends and family.  Some folks dear to me are struggling with loss while trying to enjoy the spirit of the day, others are struggling to enjoy what they know will be one of the last holidays with their loved ones. Still others feel lost and alone today. Reach out to those you know are struggling. Don’t fear them dampening your spirits–choose to lighten theirs. 

Today has been a lovely day, and I hope for many more like it.

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