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I Can Improve #10

Today, I finally asked sis what the plan is with Little Man and the daycare. Turns out, he will be going full time (which I’d just told Mom earlier I thought would be the route they’d take), so I’ll only have him for the next week. I’m so excited for his growth & experience coming up. I’m a little sad I won’t be as big a part of it, though.

I didn’t get to stay home with my own daughter. I very much enjoyed being home with Little Man for the past year. It isn’t the same as doing it for my own child, but it is something I felt was important. I loved being able to bond with him in such an incredible way!

I Can Improve #10: Plan cooking sessions for SATURDAY, not Friday night! I’m exhausted from 5 hours of cooking!!


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I Can Improve #9

MAN we had a crazy busy day today! It felt like every time I got something completed, something else was popping up with one of my clients. Plus little man was all over the place. We tried to go for a walk, but he fell down on the concrete almost immediately because he was looking down and not forward. He ran into my car, and fell back and bumped his head. 😦

Still, all in all a good day. And my time with him is getting short (everyday time, that is), so I’m enjoying his antics even more than usual. 🙂

I Can Improve #9: Look forward to the future, don’t try to hang onto the present! I’ve actually done a pretty good job looking at all the positives with this change. However, at random times a little sadness takes over.


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Thankfulness #6

Day 6: I am thankful for opportunity.

Not any one opportunity in particular, but the fact that there ARE opportunities available to me. There are opportunities to live in beautiful places, to remove people who are dragging me down from my every day life, to increase my client database, to read my favorite books numerous times, to love, to nourish, to support, to help, to accept help, to open my eyes to a better life, to laugh, to discover new (to me) ideas/places/things, to try new experiences, to meet people …

Opportunity is something most of us don’t think about often enough, I think. Life IS an opportunity. It is an opportunity to create your own existence, designed by you and for you. You can choose to accept the path you’re on as your life’s path, or you can choose to change it.

Earlier this year, I chose change. Partially for myself, partially for my daughter, and partially for my family. I wanted to do something I had not been given the opportunity to do for family previously, but that I had done for friends. And I’ve loved every minute of it – even when I’m tired, cranky, or stressed out. I had an opportunity, and I took it. I have had much help, for which I am very grateful. I like to believe I have also given help, for which I am ALSO grateful.

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