I Can Improve #2

I’m always full of good intention but more often than not find I psych myself out.


I surprised myself with sending out Christmas cards for the 2nd year in a row. As in I bought, filled out, stamped, addressed, and MAILED them. Many more years, I have gone so far as to stamp them, and they still didn’t get out. Everyone started sending out the beautiful photo cards, so I became filled with a strange fear that mine would be looked at as cheep or chintzy. Last year, I decided I just don’t care. I’ll send them out anyway – at least my family and friends will know I’m thinking of them. I have to spend $40 just on stamps to send cards to family. By the time I add in all my friends, it’s at least another $20. So folks will just have to understand that I cannot spend a significant amount on the cards themselves. The 2 boxes if cards picture are only half of what I sent out this year! Plus I sent out a few individually purchased cards, too. Think about all the love that was shared!

I Can Improve:
I need to keep my address book updated, and keep a list somewhere of folks I want to send cards to, because when you’re making out 50+ cards for family alone, sometimes your brain gets filled and you don’t remember to make them out to each of your friends as well!

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