Three Happy Thoughts #31

A day of reflection, celebration, and anticipation. Many folks think too much emphasis is put into “fresh starts” in the new year. However, I think any fresh start is a good one, so carry on folks! Resolute your way into happiness if it works for you.


I wish goodness and happiness, healthfulness and helpfulness, gratitude and positive attitudes for you all. Lend a hand, show compassion, love passionately, and create a wonderful life for yourself and those around you.

Happy New Year family, friends, and strangers. May you all achieve personal greatness!

1) A day spent with my best girl, hanging out, running errands, and accidentally napping.
2) Big smiles, squeals of excitement, and cuddles from my Nephew.
3) A celebration with new friends, ringing in the new year.

Life is good, y’all. Give what you want to get, and make the world a better place. xoxo


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