Three Happy Thoughts #5

You know you look like death warmed slightly over when both your daughter and sister-who are prone to saying only positive things to you make comments ask if you are okay. Daughter: “You look terrible! You are really pale and your hair is oily!” Sister, upon first seeing me (said with utter astonishment: “Are you alright?!?”


I laughed at both of them, by the way. I do feel like utter crapola. Which brings me to my 3 Happy Thoughts.

1) Nephew, referred to as Nacho Muchacho more often than not, was a complete angel today. Very gentle all day, brought his toys to me so he could sit in my lap, no temper displays, very quiet, and very little interest in roaming around although I opened the gates and was willing to follow him while he explored. Lots of neck nuzzles. Slept really well.

2) Meal prep is super simple through most of the week. Sis cooks ahead for Nacho Muchacho, and I cook on Mondays for myself. A few seconds or minutes in the microwave, meals are ready! This I can handle even when dizzy and exhausted.

3) I can work from my bed or couch when need be. I am about to do some more of that now. My job rarely gets put off a full day when I am not feeling well, because I love my clients and my work. So I rest for a few hours, work in my more lucid moments, and am usually able to accomplish whatever is needed. If I worked in an office, I would have to call out, lose pay, and lose time on project completion!

I love my job. I love my life. I love my people. I am a lucky girl!

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