Three Happy Thoughts #1

I myself am guilty of falling prey to my clinical depression, of becoming despondent, of feeling overwhelmed to the point that I cannot see the positive in anything. I came across this image tonight, and it sparked something in me.


(Thanks Karen for sharing the image.)

I originally planned to carry on my “Thankfulness” posts through the entire year, as a sort of #365. When I saw this word image, I realized I want to try something new each month (and I welcome ideas), or just alternate between this and Thankfulness posts.

I am challenging you each to find 3 happy/positives things to say about your day. (They cannot be your significant others/children/pets/family except once in the month.) You need to think about your day seriously and tell us about three things that made you happy, brought you peace, helped you, or was in some other way positive. Find ways to turn the negatives into positives, if need be (tell us about the lesson you learned). Seek out the good, and chase away the negativity in your life.

My Three Happy Thoughts for Day 1: This new post idea, having my daughter home to hug and laugh with, and the delicious butternut squash chili I prepared.

We’re here to LIVE life, my lovelies. I choose not to regret things in my life, but I often chew on them unnecessarily before realizing I’ve grown from the negatives and the positives. Let us all get to the point where we choose to make the best of life and keep moving forward, rather than dwelling on the negatives and falling backwards!

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