Thankfulness #27

Day 27: I am thankful for all of the beauty around me.

I have spent this quiet week without my daughter catching up on work. I intended to read A LOT and haven’t picked up my books once (and 2 of them are due tomorrow – yikes!). I did go out for a drive, though, since I needed to go mail some documents for a client anyway. The crisp fall leaves, the brightness of everything that’s still green against the cold and the sharp blueness of our skies. Everything was brighter, bolder, more clear today.

I do not like the cold weather, but I am enjoying the reminder of why I prefer hot summers and mild winters! Plus, I always crave newness in some way or another, and this 30-something degree weather is newness for me. I’m apprehensive of what the rest of the winter will bring, but I am looking forward to experiencing every minute of it!

I noticed some ice on the roads when I drove to the shipping center, but I am hoping the real ice and snow hold off for a long while. Or, at the very least until Sunday sometime, since my baby girl flies home Saturday!

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