Thankfulness #24

Day 24: I am thankful to be home and to have some time with daughter before she jets off to see her family (it’s been 2 years!).

One of the first things I discussed with my exhusband before we leaped into marriage was not wanting to bring children into our relationship for a few years, because I didn’t want my children to be products of divorces.  Then, we immediately conceived despite birth control. There goes life, teaching lessons! I was excited regardless of the timing, and disappointed when not long after my daughter was born I realized he wasn’t ready for the responsibility. 

Luckily, my former in-laws are amazing and have always welcomed my daughter into their lives no matter what, and have not EVER pressured me about visits or time.  So while her visits are not as frequent as any of us would like, they are filled with love. I am going to miss her this week, so much, but I am excited she has this opportunity.

And I am thankful we had a dew previous hours to spend between my business trip and her surprise Thanksgiving (to her) trip!

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