Thankfulness #19

Day 19: I am thankful for my friends.

There are some “friends” who make noise about being a good friend, and there other friends who do the little things that matter. They take notice when something is wrong, they reach out via text/telephone/email/social media, they visit or make plans to meet up, they let me know when they’re happy as often as they let me know when they’re not.

I have some friends who have been a part of my life in some small or large way for many years – as far back as middle school (in England, no less!). I have others who I met in the last few years, who recognized something in me despite my being “gruff” or “plain spoken.” Some didn’t think they wanted to know me at all, and were thrown together with me by someone else. Others met my daughter and felt they needed to give me a chance, because if I could raise a beautiful young lady there MUST be some redeeming quality in my heart. Still others met and instantly took to me, despite my tendency to try to close myself off from others. These friends – no matter the reason they became my friend – have proven themselves time and time again as people who care and want to be a part of my life. I love them, and I am thankful for them. Without them, I would lose track of how good people really are in this world.

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