Thankfulness #18

Day 18: I am thankful for technology.

Even as I worry about the imprint we leave on this Earth, I have to admit I am not “crunchy.” I certainly don’t think technology is a downfall of our society. Without the handy device I hold at this moment, I would have far less communication with family and friends. And since I was a military brat growing up, then a military member in my young adult life, I have many family and friends scattered worldwide. I love being able to see bits and pieces of their lives from their corners of the world. And as much as I would like to be a letter-writer, a phone-caller, or a person who travels often, I am not. And I come from a family who are not. We have good intentions but rarely follow through. And as a result, we lost many years of closeness. Having a device that fits in my pocket, but allows me to access the world is priceless to me.

My affair with technology stops not at the phone, television, or computer. It continues on to my fancy toaster oven that can handle simple toasting and complex roasting. It encompasses many devices I have used to access my favorite shows and movies – VCR (we still have one or two), DVD player, TiVo (oh – my love for TiVo!), and Roku. While I’d rather pick up a book ANY moment of ANY day, I cannot read books while I work. And since I work from home, I CAN watch TV shows or movies while I work.

Speaking of working from home – this wouldn’t be possible without technology. I am not required to report to an office to prove I am working. I no longer have to have a printer & fax machine to turn in signed documents. I no longer have to punch time clocks. Access to the latest in technology means I can sign documents easily with a computer program, I can email them to their recipient in just seconds, and my colleagues know when I’m online and working because they see my progress as it is happening.

Yes, I am very thankful for technology.

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