Thankfulness #12

Day 12: I am thankful for my home.


I have been open about the fact that my parents bought the house so I could live here & rent from them. (Dad said “It’s better than giving your money to someone else!”) They’d made the offer when I first mentioned coming to GA. They felt it was a positive move in my life, for my daughter, and wanted to support me in it. And I’m grateful for that.

My daughter loves being in a house, she loves not having people above, below, or right next to us. She even loves mowing the lawn, which is something I didn’t ever appreciate. We feel like the house we’re in isn’t too big, but it’s big enough we can spread out a little bit. We don’t feel cramped in by our things or each other. And we’re in a quiet neighborhood, so I don’t get annoyed by people easily.

I can make a home just about anywhere. I have a wanderer’s soul, so I don’t feel the need to put down roots in one place and stay put. I prefer the idea of being able to pick up and move whenever the need or want arises. While my daughter also feels the need to move every couple of years (even when I don’t mention it, she’ll start asking, “Where are we going next?”), she also likes feeling more permanently installed once we’re in a place.

So this home is perfect for us. It gives us what we need, and allows us to feel “home,” even though we’re in a new state, surrounded by an all-new environment. So yes, I love my home. It’s an incredible opportunity, for which I am thankful.

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