Thankfulness #10

Day 10: I am thankful for good days that build my emotional reserve for tough days.

This weekend was the first weekend we didn’t have something pressing happening that kept us scheduled up almost the entire weekend. We have a million and one things we need to do to catch up after the last 6-8 weeks of chaos, but we took a time out for ourselves. We slept in, we ran a few errands, we went to dinner, and we did some work. Tomorrow, we both have projects we need to complete, but the errands today were for those projects. It was so wonderful to take a breather and relax. We even called my mom & (step)dad to chat for a few minutes – and it was a lovely conversation. Oh, how I wish I had ended the day there.

Thankfully the good day is keeping me from feeling too sad about the text message I received from someone who was speaking in anger. And hopefully I’ll find a way to convey to this person how important they are to me, while also not allowing them to push me into a corner. So yes, I am thankful for the wonderful day I spent with my daughter, because now I have to “face the music” and hopefully get this other person back to a positive note.

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