Thankfulness #8

Day 8: I am thankful I am a mother

I have always, from the time she was little, enjoyed every moment of my daughter’s life. Watching her grow, change, learn, and do new things ever day. Her first moments – big and small – always make me happy. I’m not a mother who wishes her daughter was small still. I don’t regret her growing up like some folks do with their kids. I’m too busy looking forward to seeing her do new things.

Tonight is another new thing. She’s been on the color guard the last 2 years, and tonight is Senior Night for her high school. I will be out on the field with her, and it will be her first “Senior Moment.” She says she doesn’t feel it yet, but I do. Not in the way I wish it was not happening, or that I think it’s too soon. I just feel excited and emotional, and I wish her father were taking part in her life so he could feel it too. I enjoy watching and taking part in this wonderful person’s life, and don’t understand why anyone would choose not to be as present as possible.

I am thankful I am the mother of THIS beautiful child. I am thankful because raising her has been the one constant joy in my life since I felt her growing inside of me (and I knew the night she was conceived!).

So yes, today (and all days), I am thankful I am a mother.

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