Thankfulness #7

Day 7: I am thankful for heating and air conditioning.

Yes, this seems odd to many.  That’s okay.  Not everyone needs to understand it.  But I have always wanted to feel cooler or warmer than the outside temp.  And when I was stationed at Lakehurst NJ, I was APPALLED to find out base housing did not have air conditioning installed! I was told I wouldn’t even notice, that it didn’t get very hot. Hah! We had record highs, of course.

But first we had the blizzard of ’96. More than 4 feet of snow, with drifts up to my second story bedroom window.  I was not impressed. I was miserable from morning sickness that lasted all day, and I hadn’t ever driven in snow before.  And then we had to walk onto base, which didn’t impress me AT ALL.  My town home couldn’t get warm enough for me.  And then it was too warm.  The 80-something degree spring and summer I had been promised didn’t happen.  That May, we had a black flag.  And before the black flag was hoisted, I watches 3 ppl in formation fall on their faces and bleed all over the pavement.  I just kept begging myself, “Don’t barf. Don’t pass out. Don’t barf! Bend your knees slightly. Don’t barf!  Arch your back. Don’t barf!”

I was hugely pregnant– daughter’s due date was May 21– and not at all impressed with not having A/C.  Luckily for me, they had decided to install it in units that Sumner, so in the beginning if June, they were installing in my building.  By the time I brought my perfect baby girl home, we had AC.  I was so TT thankful, I cried.

A lot!

So yes, I am thankful for central heating and air conditioning.  I know I am spoiled, but I like my summers to have 74 degree cooling and winters to have 74 degree heating.  (Well, 72 degrees seems to work nowadays.)

As our weather dies this flip flop thing back and forth right now, I am enjoying a fairly constant temp inside, which makes me comfortable and happy.

What are you thankful for today??

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