Thankfulness #5

I am thankful for social media.

I know many folks who think it takes up too much of our time.  I do agree some people spend too much time on social media.  It is easy to lose track of the amount of time you spend online, especially if you have more than one site you frequent.  Between blogs, Facebook, and Twitter (just to start), you could be online for hours catching up.

I have several friends I have met through social media.  We have met and spent time with each other in person.  We exchange calls, cards, stories about our family.  I was meeting my online friends IRL before it was trendy (I started back in 97/98).  And even those I don’t meet, I still care about and talk to regularly.

What I really love about social media is the ease of communicating with family and friends (the tried-and-true). I know more about my cousins (I have a lot of them) now than I ever dreamed of before.  I see more of my friends lives even though we live hundreds or thousands of miles apart.  I didn’t have to lose touch with my social nieces and nephew just because their mother and I had a falling out–she knows they talk to me through social media.

So, I am thankful for social media.  We are all bust with our little families and our own lives.  But with social media, we can easily keep up with a few dozen friends and family members in the same amount of time we could manage to hold a single conversation with an out-of-touch loved one. Social media doesn’t replace phone calls, letters, & F2F visits; it enhances them.

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