Thankfulness #2

Day 2: I am thankful for time.

Time to spend with family. Time to make memories. Time to get to know new people. Time to teach my child how to be a better person than me. Time spent working. Time spent playing. Time spent reading. Time spent cooking. Time spent loving. Let’s say that one again: Time Spent Loving.

I’ve been given the opportunity to watch my young nephew while his parents work. This is something I have done for friends, for acquaintances, for friends of the family. It’s my first opportunity to do it for my OWN family, and I love it. Every single moment. It means I have to work late into the night, every night, to get client work done, but I make it happen. Because the time I spend loving him is irreplaceable. It is developing a bond I hope will last forever. It is letting him know, EVERY moment of the day, he is loved and protected. When he is not with Mom & Dad, he is with Auntie Angel. Security is such a big factor in raising happy children, and you can see it in him – he is ALWAYS smiling and happy and calm and affectionate and loving. He is adventurous and curious and intelligent. I missed out on this with my own daughter (my exH was able to spend days at home with her, thankfully) because of my military career, so I am thankful for this time.

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